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Halloween Wine Bottle Craft

The other day, I brought my kids over to my sister's house. My adorable niece and nephew greeted me at the front door, along with their tap dancing dogs, but my sister was no where in sight. I asked … [Read More...]

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The Sensory Season is Upon Us!

It’s that time of year again. Pumpkins, apples and candy fill the kitchen, and piles of recipes from We Know Stuff sit on my counter waiting to be explored. Fall is an amazing season. One thing I … [Read More...]

Boo Berry Jam,

Boo Berry Jam

The holiday season is fast upon us, and I'm not very happy about it. I'm a huge fan of Autumn, but once November comes into town, I feel that everyone gets all crazed about turkeys and stuffing, and … [Read More...]

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Googly Eye Wreath

This is my absolute favorite time of year. While for many, Thanksgiving kicks off the holiday season, for me, Halloween is where it all begins.  I wasn’t always a fan of the holiday – I’m not one for … [Read More...]

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Donate Your Hair: October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

By nature, I am a charitable person and I am always trying to help others in need. Whether it's family, co-workers, or strangers - if someone needs a helping hand, I do my best to be there for them -- … [Read More...]

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Why I Eat Dog Food: Dog Treat Recipes and Cookbook Giveaway!

I bet you're wondering where I'm going with this post. Well, for starters, you need to understand that I love our dogs. Like I really, really love our dogs and I always try to treat them the way I … [Read More...]

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