Forcing Amaryllis & Paperwhites for the Holidays.

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Forcing Amaryllis & Paperwhites,

As some of you may know, I used to work for K. Van Bourgondien & Sons before I became at SAHM. While working there, I fell in love with growing bulbs and perennials, and I've been hooked ever since!

In my humble opinion, nothing can outshine a tulip, but then again, I'm incredibly biased. However, there are other bulbs that are just as beautiful. One such contender is the lovely Amaryllis. I love that it blooms in the stillness of winter, and that the majestic blossoms can liven up even the dreariest room.

Forcing Amaryllis & Paperwhites,

This holiday season, I decided to take a stab at potting up my own bulbs. Before today, I've always gone with a kit because it's just so darn easy, but this time, I wanted to pick out everything on my own, and see what happens. I've decided to grow the lovely Double Amaryllis 'Snow White' in a red glazed pot.

Forcing Amaryllis & Paperwhites,

I also decided to grow some Paperwhites. I've never grown them before, and I want to find out if they really smell like "dirty feet" when in bloom. I'm also planning to booze them up a bit, so they don't get quite so leggy.

I've been told that you either love Paperwhites, or you hate them, so we'll find out which side of the fence I'm on in a few weeks. I'll keep you posted as they grow.

Forcing Amaryllis & Paperwhites,

In case you fancy potting up some of your own Amaryllis or Paperwhites, I've included instructions below. But, if you want blooms for Christmas, you better get cracking! Buy your bulbs this week, and pot them up pronto. With a little love, you'll have some pretty blooms for the holiday season.

Amaryllis Directions:

Step 1: Start with a clean, waterproof container. Fill with potting soil.

Forcing Amaryllis & Paperwhites,

Step 2: Nestle the bulbs into place and tamp down the potting soil. The bulbs should only be placed a little more than halfway down into the soil.

Forcing Amaryllis & Paperwhites,

Step 3: Water thoroughly and place in a sunny window.

Forcing Amaryllis & Paperwhites,

Note: If your roots are extremely dry, you can soak them in water until they plump up – a few hours or so. Do not let the bottom of the bulb get wet or it may rot. I sit my bulbs atop a jelly jar while soaking the roots. Also, make sure you remove any dead roots with a clean knife.

Paperwhite Directions:

Step 1: Start with a clean, waterproof container. Fill with glass beads, or rocks.

Forcing Amaryllis & Paperwhites,

Step 2: Twist bulbs into place and add more glass beads, or rocks, on top to anchor them. The bulbs should only be placed halfway down into the beads, or rocks.

Forcing Amaryllis & Paperwhites,

Step 3: Add water to the container until it reaches the bottom of the bulbs. Do not cover the bulbs in water or they will rot. Place in a sunny window.

Forcing Amaryllis & Paperwhites,

Note: If you would like to do this with your children, you may want to use a glass container so they may see the roots growing. If you go this route, you will need to place the glass container in a dark room until the roots begin to grow. Then you may move it to a sunny windowsill.


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