King’s Hawaiian S’mores Panini


Summer means s’mores and s’mores mean campfires…but not in 90 degree weather! As soon as the weather started heating up, my children stated asking when we could make some s’mores. I told them it would be soon! I made sure I was stocked with marshmallows and chocolate, and was waiting for a night when we could roast them over our fire pit. Then a heat wave hit, and we had 3 days of 95 degree weather!

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Kids Craft: Clam Shell Friends


If you live down by the sea shore, like we do, your kids are bound to leave the beach with at least one backpack full of clam shells each visit. As our pile continues to grow, week by week, I’m often desperate for new ways to use them up.

So, after my husband and the kids painted me my very own “Mother’s Day Clam Shells” – I swiped his idea and made some Clam Shell Friends with the kiddos this afternoon. It is a fairly easy craft to do, especially with younger kids – all you need is an abundance of clam shells, some paint, a package of googley eyes, and some spray varnish!