Kids Craft: Coffee Filter Shamrocks


Truth be told, I don’t usually craft unless I can craft with my kids. I have so much fun explaining and describing the craft we are about to tackle. I especially enjoy when they add a few twists into the craft and we get to see where our ideas take us. I tend to leave most crafts open-ended with the expectation that they will tailor it to their own imaginations.

Tasty Irish Recipes The Whole Family Will Enjoy


In our town, there is a huge Saint Patrick’s Day parade and we have gone each and every year since we first bought our first homes. Pre-kids, it involved drinking beer in front of the local bars and cheering as the marchers went by. Post-kids it involved freezing our buns off (sans beer), making sure the kiddos were covered in layers of blankets so they could keep warm, and screaming like mad whenever The Mummers walked by.

How To Help Your Child If The Flu Hits Close To Home…


As a mother, watching my little ones wrestle with an illness stinks. Luckily for us, we’ve never had a ’bout of the flu, but with all of the recent outbreaks in our area, I’m a wee bit nervous that our luck may run out this year. Now of course I just jinxed myself to bits, but it’s too late now.

Flashback Fridays: Great American Pie Month


Holy moly – did you know that February is Great American Pie Month? Or that Pie has been around since the time of the ancient Egyptians? Or how about the fact that the first pie recipe was for a rye-crusted goat cheese and honey pie published by the Romans? Well neither did I until I stumbled upon The American Pie Council’s website.

Shortbreads, Snowstorms, and My Kids


My children have been wishing and hoping for a major snowstorm since November. Unfortunately, Long Island just doesn’t get the types of snowstorms that we used to get when I was a kid.

I promise I won’t go into Global Warming in this post, but…when I was a kid, the “snow seasons” used to be so snowy that our father used to be able to build us igloos on the front lawn. Scouts Honor! As he shoveled out the driveway, he would pile the mounds of snow onto the front lawn, and then dig a tunnel through it for us to sit in.

Flashback Fridays: Chocolate Recipe Round Up


I love chocolate. I mean I really, really love chocolate — so much so, that I have at least one piece of chocolate every single day. I’m pretty sure that the only thing I love more than chocolate is coffee. Wait! WAIT! I mean my kids. My kids!! Yes, I absolutely, positively, love MY KIDS waaaay more than I love chocolate – or coffee – oh, good grief!