Kids Craft: Pom-Pom Love

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When I was very young, my parents recognized my interest in all things related to art. They always encouraged me along my artistic pathway, regardless of whether it was practical or not. They saw how happy it made me, and that was enough for them.

When college became the topic of discussion, my parents gave me only one piece of advice: “It doesn’t matter what you become, what matters is that you are happy doing it”!

I knew I didn’t have the means to become a great painter…like Picasso, but thanks to my parents I always knew I had talent and would succeed in life. As an adult, I continue on my artistic pathway in the form of web design, graphic design and illustration.
Parents should always encourage their children to explore their artistic side. Whether or not they become employed in an artistic field, the joy that they feel when they create (even as adults) will always be with them!

To encourage my children’s creativity at home, I keep bins of craft materials fully stocked. Feathers, pom-poms, pipe-cleaners and glue are great for sparking creative ideas in their little heads. For this craft, I added a little structure to our crafting session and pulled out the pom-poms. This is a fun activity for you to enjoy with your child. Remember, be messy, get sticky and have a fun!



  • Pom-Poms – Red, Pink, White
  • White Mounting Board
  • Craft Paper
  • Elmers White Glue
  • Shallow dish
  • Exacto knife (for mom or dad)


Step 1: Trace half a heart shape on a large folded piece of paper. Cut out for equilateral heart. This will be your template. Overlay paper heart onto mounting board and trace. Using your exacto knife, cut along your traced heart shape. With a ruler, measure 2 inches in from outer shape. This will be the inside of your heart form, cut out with exacto knife. Pom Pom Love
Step 2: Place the pom-poms in a large bowl. Fill a shallow dish with white Elmer’s Glue. Pom Pom Love
Step 3: Encourage your children to “Pinch and Dip”. Have them pinching the pom-poms and dip them into the dish of glue. This is a great fine motor activity and works all their little pinching muscles! (Provide a craft stick for kids that don’t want to get messy.) Pom Pom Love
Step 4: Let dry, poke a hole in the back and string a ribbon through for hanging!

Have fun!

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