Kids Craft: Rustic Shamrock Garland

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We Know Stuff Rustic Shamrock Garland
Growing up, my “Gramma Martha” was quite the original crafter. She taught us all sorts of crafty tips and tricks. She always had something for us to do. We spent our summers with her and I can not ever remember muttering “we’re bored”. Whether she was teaching us how to sew a button back on our clothes or how to make her amazing pancakes, we were always busy by her side.

One of my favorite activities to do with my Gram, was stitching paper plates. My sister, brother and I would sit at the kitchen table with her drawing simple shapes on paper plates. Then she would let us pick our favorite colored thread from her bottomless sewing box. She would thread up our needles and remind us to “know” where our fingers were.

We definitely got poked a few times here and there, but we had so much fun “crafting” with our Grandma. We would hang our colorful creations all around her house and proudly show them off to our parents when they came to get us.

At the end of the day, a lot can be said for sitting around a table and enjoying your children (or grandchildren’s) company. You don’t have to make the most amazing masterpiece, you shouldn’t really care much what the end result is. All that matters is the time spent together.

My grandmother’s greatest gift to me was the knowledge that I was important and loved. She made all of her grandchildren feel that she really had nothing better in the world to do, but enjoy us. Her endless patience and love towards her family is what I strive for now, as a parent of young children. Each day I try to be engaged as possible and appreciate them for the amazing individuals they are becoming!

After our last adventure in making the Coffee Filter Shamrocks, I wanted to create something a little less bright. As much as I loved the eye-popping green shamrocks, I was simply in the mood to make something that was a little more subdued this time around.

As I dug through my never-ending box of crafting supplies (similar to my Gram’s sewing box), I spied some shamrock cookie cutters that I had picked up at Michael’s for $1 a piece. I had a feeling that we could do something “crafty” with them and I turned my attention to the kitchen. As I scoured the cabinets in search of something to use, I found some natural coffee filters and sat down to show my kids how “magical” flour and water can be!



  • Brown Coffee filters (unbleached)
  • Shamrock Cookie Cutters
  • Flour
  • Water
  • Twine


Step 1: Have your children dip one coffee filter in a bowl of water. Wring out the excess water. Next have them submerge their coffee filter into a paper mache paste. (1/4 cup flour + 1/2 cup water). Let them slide the extra goop off the filters.

We Know Stuff Rustic Shamrock Garland
Step 2: Have your children stuff the goopy coffee filters into the shamrock cookie cutters. (Line baking pan with parchment paper). Repeat until shape is filled. We used 4 coffee filters per shamrock. Overlapping so it became on piece.

We Know Stuff Rustic Shamrock Garland
Step 3: Bake the shamrocks for 45 minutes in a 300 degree oven. Set your timer for 30 minutes and flip them for the last 15 minutes.

We Know Stuff Rustic Shamrock Garland
Step 4: Let them cool. With a small paring knife, detach the edges of the filters from the cookie cutters.

We Know Stuff Rustic Shamrock Garland
Step 5: You can help your children make small twine bows to glue onto the shamrock.

We Know Stuff Rustic Shamrock Garland
Step 6: Lay two equal pieces of twine across the backs of the shamrocks. Using a hot glue gun (keep young children away from this part), glue the twine to the shapes.

We Know Stuff Rustic Shamrock Garland

Step 7: Hang your garland in a special spot in your home!

Thanks for reading!

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