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All children love a great story. It doesn’t matter if it is read to them from a book or told from their parent’s wild imagination. They just love to be told stories. One of the many things I learned when I became a mom, is that not everyone is a natural born story teller. Some parents can weave together beautiful bed time stories that have their children asking for more long past their bedtime. However, some parents have a harder time coming up with creative and engaging stories.

Personally, story telling is one of my weaker areas. On the nights my children are a little to tired for books they always ask for a story. I quickly used up my bank of funny stories from my own childhood. When my kids started reminding me that they already heard that story, my goose was cooked. National Tell a Fairy Tale Day
It was time for me to move on to the make believe, imaginary story territory. I wasn’t very good at it. I’m more visual than verbal. If you asked me to draw a story, no problem…but ask me to tell a story? Problem.

After numerous failed “Once upon a time…” stories I knew I needed a little help. Luckily I went to the resident expert, my husband. Our kids always prefer daddy’s stories to mine (which is a relief!) He tells them the most amazing stories, he is so convincing and creative the kids hang on his every word. I love listening to his stories because they are amazing. National Tell a Fairy Tale Dayphoto: Mattox

For a long time my kids were telling everyone they saw that Captain Hook’s hook was in their Busia’s (grandmother) garage. The story was, my husband and his little brother ran into Captain Hook one day when he and his crew made land at his parent’s dock. They bravely fought them off and had his hook to prove it. Little did I know my husband took the story a bit farther and showed them a long shoreman’s hook in his parent’s garage. You can imagine their Busia’s concern when she hear their was a real pirate’s hook hanging from her rafters!

The other night my daughter asked him to tell her a story. Not a pirate one, not a monster one, just a fairy tale. And guess what…he couldn’t do it! He kept steering the fairytale towards to dragons and knights and she kept asking about the princess. Where was the princess? National Tell a Fairy Tale Dayphoto: aschaeffer

That’s when I realized he is an amazing story teller because he sticks to what he knows. He was once a little boy that adored pirates, dragons and monsters! And I was once a little girl that lived and breathed princesses, fairy tales and animals. All I needed to do was stick to what I know…

The next night I volunteered to tell a story. My kids were quite surprised since I always stick to the books. They were so happy to see me try. When I did get stuck and blanked on what the dragon riding princess should do next, I let me son and daughter take turns filling in the blanks. I may not be the natural story teller their dad is, but I can try! National Tell a Fairy Tale Day
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  1. says

    I had no clue it was fairy tale day! I am going to have to remember this for next year because I am obsessed with fairy tales!

    The fact that your hubs is the story teller in your house made me laugh. It is the exact same way here. Kids always asking for him to tell the stories. I have listened in a couple of times and they make absolutely no sense to me.

  2. Deana says

    Love reading books at bedtime. my son will tell you that he wants to be “an illustrator and an author” when he grows up:)

  3. Sara says

    My stepdaughter recently shared some Monster High dolls with my 3 year old daughter, who would love to have some Ever After High dolls of her own!

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