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Product Reviews

Would you like us to review your family-friendly product?

We Know Stuff is happy to receive requests for product reviews, however, we must receive a sample of the product to be reviewed. We strongly believe in honesty – therefore, we simply will not talk about a product unless we have held it, touched it, sniffed it, eaten it, etc.

We Know Stuff currently reviews products for free – this way, if we do not stand behind your product, we are not obligated to post about it. However, if we love your product, and decide to blog about it, you will be required to sponsor a Giveaway Contest on our site. We love giving our readers a chance to win some really cool products!

We Know Stuff is open to reviewing family-friendly products from all walks of life – we are especially fond of smaller start-ups, green companies, and Etsy / ArtFire artisans. Some of the topics we cover include: parenting, family life, cooking, crafting, infertility, gardening, pets, family fashion, eco-conscious living, etc.

We all know that word of mouth is a crucial part of any advertising campaign, so if you would like us to review a product of yours, please email us at dmar @ or dhas @


The Nitty Gritty:

You send us a full-sized sample of the product to be reviewed. We Know Stuff will review it wholeheartedly and take lots of pictures of it to include in the post. If our pictures are lacking in detail, we’ll happily use some of yours.

If it’s a toy, be prepared to have it tested out by our kids. (Together, my sister and I have four children ranging from 3-5; we will also be bringing on a new guest bloggers in the future to review newborn-toddler items.)

If it’s a food item, it will be incorporated into a meal and served to our family. A new book? Well, we will read it each night before bed and let our readers know if it’s worth buying. A new clothing line? We’ll wear it on the town and do jumping jacks in it. Whatever it is – if it’s family friendly, we’ll give it an honest chance at being included on our blog.

In addition to reviewing your product in a post, We Know Stuff will also promote your Giveaway Contest on several Blog Giveaway sites. If you’d like to know which ones we list our giveaways on, please email us for a complete list.

Your Giveaway Contest will also be posted on our FaceBook page and our Twitter feed. Although we do our best to thoroughly promote your Giveaway Contest, we cannot guarantee how many people will enter the contest. We Know Stuff also asks that the Product Review / Giveaway be posted onto the Sponsor’s FaceBook page, Twitter feed, and other social media outlets. It helps all of us!

Contest entrants will be required to do a few things to enter the contest. You will have an opportunity to specify which social media outlet you’d like them to participate in – i.e. FaceBook Like, Twitter Follow, Newsletter subscription, etc.

Currently, the winner will be selected using Research Randomizer’s widget.

Our Product Giveaway Contests will run for 2-4 weeks, depending on value and/or timing, but if you would like it to run for a different amount of time, please let us know.

We Know Stuff also encourages our sponsors to include a non-expiring discount code for our readers – this way, if they don’t win the Giveaway Contest, they are still encouraged to purchase your family-friendly product on their own.

You are responsible to ship the sample product to us. You are also responsible to ship the Giveaway Contest winner their prize within one week of being notified of their shipping address.

Also, We Know Stuff will not return the products we’ve tested. Your review is being done for free, so kindly consider this as our compensation. Plus, our kids will have tested it fully – and that means it might be covered in sticky jam thumbprints by the time the review is posted!

We also have a Disclosure Policy posted on our web site, and our readers will always be informed that we were asked to test the product being reviewed.

Interested in working with We Know Stuff? Please email us at dmar @ or dhas @ with inquiries.  We also have advertising spots available – just ask us for rates.


Thanks for reading,

Denine & Daniele